Tiger Speaks at Inauguration…Surprise!

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By Jeff Skinner

The news that Tiger has decided to speak at Obama’s inauguration celebration comes as a surprise to most people. Tiger is usually very reserved when it comes to politics or any other topic that may cause controversy. The fact that Mr. Woods has agreed to participate is almost as exciting as the election itself.

The President Elect better come up with some good quotes in his inauguration speech. He should be paying his speech writers overtime to come up with a big time speech. He needs something to compete with the Kennedy’s “Ask not what your country can do for you…” quote. Obama has some major (14 majors) competition here with Tiger. More people are going to be waiting to here what Tiger has to say, then what Barack will say. Maybe Barack should ask Tiger to mention his plans for the economic recovery or his Iraq withdrawal plan in his speech. It may have more effect coming from the number one athlete in the world.

After all, sports versus politics,…sports wins every time. Let’s face it. More people wake up each morning with sports on their mind then politics. We have been listening to Barack for two years. He never runs out of things to say, and yes he is very intelligent and well spoken, but we’ve heard him before and he now has a pretty big pulpit. We never hear from Tiger. Tiger Woods keeps his private life private. He only has recently let us in to see a glimpse of him and his family. I respect and understand that but, Tiger has to realize that by doing so he creates an even larger demand for his thoughts.

I bet that if Tiger has any input into his role in the inauguration concert he will want to keep it small. Like maybe, “Let’s hear it for Beyonce!’ or “Here’s U2.”

I hope it is more. It does not have to be an “I have a Dream” speech or anything that will be engraved on a monument but, Tiger, please give us something. Don’t worry about the writers and critics reaction to what you say. They only make news when they bad mouth someone anyway.

Give us something. Tell us how Sam’s potty training is going. Tell us what company will be on your bag this season. Tell us the Fed Ex Cup stinks and you’ll never play in all the events. I don’t care what, but tell us something. You have a forum that few rarely do. I respect the fact that you are a private man but I hope you can show the casual fan that you are more than the most successful athlete of your time. It is time you shared your ideals and your character with us.

This is an exciting time of change in this country. We could use a man of Tiger’s character now. There are too few making headlines today.


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