Monty Meets The Press; Butch Speaks; Tiger’s Ace

“Hooks and Slices” will bring you our view on whats happening in the golf world.

Monty’s First Press Conference Is A Riot

Yesterday the European PGA named Colin Montgomerie the Captain for the 2010 Ryder Cup in Wales. They ignored Sandy Lyle and forgot that Ian Woodsman is from Wales. Monty’s prickly attitude and sensitivity is well known. See how the British Press envisions his first Ryder Cup press conference. It’s a riot.

Butch Harmon Speaks

Butch Harmon is as well connected in golf as anyone on the planet. He is coaching or has coached all the top players in the world. The players flock to him. He has been around long enough to see it all. Take a minute to read what he has to say. You won’t be disappointed.

Tiger’s Ace

The FBR Open starts today! Check out Tiger’s Ace. It’s still one of the best shots ever!


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