Tiger is Coming; Harmon’s Putting Tip

Tiger Woods is on His Way Back

Tiger Woods is feeling good and the knee is doing great. That is good news for Tiger fans. To the players on the PGA Tour it may sound a little like Paul Revere warning the colonists of the impending invasion. Phil and the rest of the boys on tour may need to tighten up their games before Woods gets back on the tour.

On the Mike and Mike in the Morning Show on ESPN Radio, Tiger said the “knee is doing great” and “it is nice to swing and not have your bones move.’ Woods went on to say that he is practicing full out and is only a little sore after a long, hard practice session. He feels he just needs to “get his ball count up” to get where he wants to be. This may be bad news for the rest of the tour. Woods has a history of starting fast and winning early when he starts his season. He’ll be missing this weekend from the Buick Invitational at Torrey Pines. The rest of the tour should consider this one a gimmie from Woods. He won this tournament last year and came back in June to win the US Open in one of the most dramatic wins of his career. Rack up those wins now boys, Tiger his on his way.

Butch Harmon Putting Tip

Butch Harmon has been voted the number one instructor by Golf Digest. He is currently coaching Phil, Ernie, Adam Scott and previously coached Tiger and Greg Norman. Take a minute and watch the lesson, Tiger still uses this great drill.


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