Haney and Barkley; Ryo and Rory

Haney to Fix Barkley’s Swing

Hank Haney coaches the best player in the world. Now he is taking on what Tiger has called, possibly the worst swing in the world. In a new Golf Channel series Barkley is tutored by Haney. It may be the challenge of his coaching career. Barkley used to be a good player that shot under 80. Somewhere along the way his swing evolved into a herky-jerky hack that looks like he has been Tasered in mid-swing. Barkley’s swing has been the target jokes and imitation from Tiger to Letterman. He is now focused on regaining his swing and getting back at his old golf partners, Tiger and Michael Jordan. Haney is struck by barkley’s effort,”I’ve never had a student give the kind of effort he’s giving, except for Tiger.” This looks like it could be an entertaining show. Haney has showed us that he is a good coach, but an even better guy, and Barkley is not afraid to make fun of himself and always has a great line or two. Check out a Golf Channel preview.

Japan’s Great Hope

Japan’s latest export to the U.S. is a seventeen year old phenom, Ryo Ishikawa. He may not help our economy but his presence is making the Northern Trust Open interesting. Japanese press are flocking to Riveria Country Club to follow his U.S. debut. If they can give a sponsors exemption to Ryo, why not give one to Rory McIlroy. After all, Rory is a winner, sixteenth in the world and did ask for an exemption but was denied. The two of them playing together would have been terrific. The Northern Trust people missed a great opportunity there. Read more.


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