Haney Fixes Barkley; Paula and the Ladies

“Hooks and Slices” will bring you our view on whats happening in the golf world.

Say what you will about Charles Barkley and his poor driving choices, you have got to love him on the Haney Project on the Golf Channel. Barkley is funny and sincere (watch a clip). His self-deprecating humor and candidness make him a lovable character. Hank Haney seems to be a regular guy with a ton of golf knowledge that really wants Barkley to succeed. The chemistry between these two is obvious. They like each other and Charles really trusts Haney. He is counting on Haney to get rid of the horrible glitch in his swing. So far he has made great progress and he’ll be taking on Tiger and Michael Jordan soon enough. These two guys are funny together and it is fun for us to see a couple of “golf celebrities” in an unscripted, natural setting. This is by far the best “reality” show the Golf Channel has shown yet.

After a staggered start to open the season, the LPGA Tour resumes again at the MasterCard Classic in Mexico. Lorena, Paula and eight of the top ten players in the world will tee it up on Friday. This starts a three week run of tournaments for the LPGA which has been missing in action lately. The LPGA is very watchable golf. The ladies are easy on the eyes, they play great golf and since Tiger never plays with them, we get to see all the players. The golf channel usually does a good job in covering the ladies; unfortunately, there is no television coverage of the tournament. Looks like you’ll have to watch Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice to get a glimpse of Natalie. Many rookies are in the field including Vicky Hurst and our pick for Rookie of the year, Stacy Lewis.


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