Tiger Plays for Arnie, So Does Adam

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Can Tiger and Phil Come out and Play…Please?

How does the tour get its marquee players (Tiger and Phil) to participate in more events? The question is still being debated: Should the PGA Tour make the players appear in more or all of its events? Fred Couples thinks it might work in some form. Tom Lehman thinks it would be a real chore to get players to commit. Paul Goydos has no sympathy for a player being asked to play in more tournaments that feature a six million dollar purse. This is a very sensitive and complex issue. How can you force a player into a tournament the week before a major if that player never competes prior to a Major? Maybe the tour should consider rotating the dates of some of the tournaments to put them in a more desirable week on the tour schedule. Tim Finchem is exploring the issue, and he has already asked players to consider playing more events and to be more accessible to fans. He also said,” The problem today is that we have too many good tournaments. We caused our own problem.” Finchem is right. Robert Allenby finished 2008 as the eleventh leading money leader on the PGA Tour. He was the highest ranked player without a win; he played in 28 events, making 27 cuts. Allenby had nine top ten finishes and won $3,606,700. That’s a pretty good paycheck for half a year of work. Can Tiger and Phil Come out and Play…Please? Damon Hack in Golf.com

Arnie Welcomes Tiger and the Boys

The tour moves over to Arnold Palmer’s place at Bay Hill this week. Tiger is back and he would love to repeat as champion. He certainly could not live with himself if he went 0-3 to start this season. Adam Scott is back in the Bay Hill field after a two year absence. The reason he came back; Arnie asked him to. That’s how you get players to play in the tournaments, get a legend to put the squeeze on them. How can anyone say no to the King? Tiger sank a great putt to win last year but there were some other memorable shots at Arnie’s place. Check out this video.



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