Henrik Stenson Uses 15 Clubs

Henrik Stenson had an extra club when he won The Players Championship on Sunday. No, don’t panic it wasn’t a golf club stashed in his bag, his caddie, Fanny Sunesson, is much too experienced for that to happen. He had that 15th club all right, it’s that mental attitude that all real winners have. On the final round telecast it was mentioned that Stenson had started working with renowned sports psychologist Dr. Bob Rotella earlier this year. Rotella is a pioneer in the field of sports psychology and the top “mental game” consultant in all of golf. He has helped dozens of golfers like, Harrington, Immelman, O’Hair, Furyk and now Stenson. Dr. Bob doesn’t come cheap I’m sure, but we can all get the same tips, techniques and insight that Rotella gives to his clients. Rotella shares his advice and winning strategies in his many books. His first book, “Golf is Not a Game of Perfect” is a must for any serious golfer and if “Putting Out of Your Mind” doesn’t shave a half dozen putts from your score you’re hopeless. Rotella’s recent book,” Your 15th Club”, is billed as the inner secret to great golf. The book jacket reads, “The 15th club is the tool that golf stars like Tiger Woods use to block out negative thoughts, doubt, and fear. It is what allows champions to perform at their peak in both practice and during the game.”

In Rotella’s book, “The Golfer’s Mind”, he gives us “Doc Rotella’s Ten Commandments.” These are his fundamental points of good golf thinking. They are so basic and simple, but at the same time very profound.They are great rules for golf, and life as well. My son, a Rotella disciple himself, took Dr. Bob’s rules and printed them up and laminated them on a card about the size of a scorecard. I keep it with my scorecard while I’m playing and see it and refer to it on each hole. Some days it works better than others. It’s always there for me to refer to and try to get my head in the right place when I need it to be.

We respect all type of media at Links Life Golf, so here is a heads up on some excellent Dr. Bob tips. In the June issue of Golf Digest, Rotella has an article titled ”10 Rules on How to Win Your Major.” He offers some mental rules to the regular golfer that needs some help in his skins game or club championship or the weekend match. It’s good stuff, but it’s not on their website yet, only in the magazine. They’ll have it on the website shortly. Either way, invest some time in reading some Rotella. It’s a sure way to help your game.


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