Lorena Talks and Natalie Walks

World number one Lorena Ochoa finished her Pro-Am around 12:30pm, hugged her amateur partners, posed for pictures, signed autographs for the fans, all with that great smile on her face and was in the press tent by 12:45. There are many different personalities on the tours and she is one of the nicest, pleasant and most humble players on any tour.

When asked if being number one mattered she emphatically said,” It’s very important. It matters a lot and is in my head all the time. My goal is to stay at the top and be consistent.” She said that she enjoys the hard work and will do what ever it takes to stay on top. When asked about Michelle Wie and all the attention she garners she said,” It is important to the tour that she plays well…and I wish her the best. It is good that she is full time.” Addressing the state of the tour and the economy Lorena stated,” It’s no good to panic. We all are having hard times, we are playing for less money. But it’s not about the money now, it’s about the tour.” Calling on the players she said, “We have to play more.” As far as being compared to Tiger all the time she downplays any of that. “I believe I can win, I want to win. I don’t listen to all the outside stuff. I don’t put too much pressure on myself.” Lorena got a big laugh from the press boys when she corrected a reporter that mistakenly said she had one win this year. “I won twice” she said in an attempted firm voice, but she can’t pull that off, she’s just too nice.

If you’re at an LPGA event you know one of the biggest draws is Natalie Gulbis. She draws a crowd that follows her everywhere. She knows hot to strut her stuff and is playing well with a tie for seventh last week. Natalie is one of the most popular ladies out here and was talking to fans during her practice session.


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