Scenes at the Sybase

“Hooks and Slices” will bring you our view on whats happening in the golf world.


  • At the pre-tournament press conferences I watched Cristie Kerr walk into the press conference alone.  Before her, Lorena Ochoa, the best player in the world, comes in with one person accompanying her.  Michelle Wie walked in with a seven person entourage.  Compare that to the winner, Ji Young Oh, who barely speaks English, who came in all alone.  Come on Michelle!
  • On the front nine of the final round Brittany Lincicome was well on her way to shooting forty.  It didn’t stop her from having fun.  On one green she was picking up those little “helicopter” seeds.  You know, when you were a kid you threw them up and they spun around like a helicopter when they come down. 
  • Ji Young Oh gets her first Ace on the eighth hole in the first round.  
  • The LPGA dream came true on Sunday.  The last two groups had “star power,”Wie, Creamer, Pettersen, and Linicome were in the last two groups.  Lorena and Cristie were the only ones missing.
  • All the LPGA players were working the fans “outside the ropes.”  That’s their motto to get and keep the tour viable in these tough times.
  • Paula’s pink balls on Sunday.
  • Brittany looked like a NASCAR driver on Sunday: Left, left, left all day long.
  • Helen Alfredsson going really low with a 62 on Thursday and walking thirty yard ahead of her slow playing partners.
  • Suzann Pettersen and Brittany Lincicome having a long driving contest on Sunday.  Ji Young Oh driving it 240 and winning.
  • I couldn’t tell when Suzann Pettersen was pissed off the most:  Her second shot on Sunday’s first hole getting wet, her bogey at twelve, missed birdie putts at 13,14,15, the missed two footer for par at seventeen, or having to talk about it all in the press tent.
  • Each LPGA player was asked about Michelle Wie during their pre-tournament press conference, kind of like Tiger Woods without the wins.  Each player said about the same thing; she’s talented and they were glad “she earned her way on tour” through Q-school.
  • Michelle Wie saying she still has interest in playing with the men and at the Masters.  Are you for real Michelle? First of all, you need to cut loose all those hangers on.  Second, please learn how to make a putt.  Finally, stop talking about the same old stuff and look at the golfers on your tour that win.  
  • The best scene of the week was Ji Young Oh’s caddy giving her a big hug and lifting her up off the ground on eighteen; two happy professionals reveling in their day’s success.

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