Amy and Phil

The news that Amy Mickelson has been diagnosed with breast cancer brought an out pouring of concern and best wishes for Amy and Phil. It hits many of the touring professionals and their wives hard. Amy is one of the more visible and involved wives on the tour. The news also puts into perspective how delicate life really is. Phil and Amy have been living a golden life. Phil’s success has made their life a dream come true. They have three healthy children and a strong, vibrant marriage. This next phase of their life will certainly be a test but both Phil and Amy are strong, positive people and that will help them through this.

Many of us get caught up in the daily business of life and sometimes we take “living” for granted. It’s easy to lose sight of what actually matters as we focus on careers and houses, etc, and all that distracts us from what is truly important. It took years and plenty of life lessons to learn what is really important in my life. I tell my kids each day, they laugh when I do, but they’ll get it one day: “If it doesn’t concern your health or the health of your children, it’s really not that important.”


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