A New John Daly?

by Jeff Skinner

John Daly’s return to the US PGA Tour in three weeks at The St. Jude Classic is a case of poetic justice. The St. Jude Classic benefits the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital which has a policy to never turn away a child that needs treatment. It is fitting that Daly returns at this tournament because he is a man that needs some care and help. Daly was the biggest thing on tour for years until he tended to get a little too “wild thing.” He crashed and burned and self destructed more times than anyone could count. He wore out his good will and all his sponsorships until he was out of options. The time he has spent on the European tour has helped Daly turn a very sharp corner. He looks like a new man, or so it seems. In an interview with Rich Lerner, Daly says he has lost fifty five pounds and isn’t drinking any more. He goes on to say he is at peace and the “Lap Band” surgery has been a blessing. He has performed well in Europe and the more laid back atmosphere appears to have suited Daly.

Unfortunately, we have heard this before. Each time John attempted a comeback before he said he had everything under control and could handle the drinking and partying without issue. As we have, seen that wasn’t the case. Daly has said something this time that I haven’t heard him say before. “It’s a matter of choosing the right friends…I’m picky with whom I hang around with.” Daly will need to distance himself from his old circle of friends and enablers when he returns if he expects to stay straight. His time in Europe has done just that. He goes on to say, “All those so called friends aren’t calling since I don’t have anything to give them.” He may finally have got it right. I hope he has this time. I am pulling for John, we all are. I have jumped all over Daly when he has screwed up before, but this time I am hoping John gets it right. He should play as many tournaments in Europe as he can, to get as much out of the Race to Dubai as he can. Sure, take a few sponsors’ exemptions in the US to get back in a good light. For now, John should concentrate on Europe; it has been good to him. Now it’s time John is good to himself.


These guys on tour amaze me. No, it’s not their skill with a golf club, although that is amazing, it is the size of their heart. After hearing of the tragedy at the Dallas Cowboy Training camp in which a coach named Rich Behm was paralyzed, the tours’ Rich Beem has started a campaign to help out the coach and his family. He has agreed to donate money himself and has recruited a bunch of others to do the same. Like the PGA Tours tag line goes, “These guys really are good.” Check out Beem Fore Behm.


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