Pinkout for Amy Mickelson

by Jeff Skinner

Saturday at the Colonial it was a sea of pink in a colorful show of support for Amy Mickelson. The PGA Tour’s players, wives, workers and fans were all decked out in many shades of pink. It looked like the inside of Ian Poulter’s closet. Amy Mickelson is a popular and powerful personality on tour. I do not know Amy personally, but like any person that follows the tour and all that goes with it, I have read and heard enough to know what kind of person she appears to be. The general consensus is that Amy is loved and respected by all who know her. Her strong, positive, approachable personality has made her a leader among the tour wives and a cherished friend. She is well on her way to assuming the role that Barbara Nicklaus had during Jack’s days on tour. In a discussion on The Golf Channel, Inga Hammond called her “our generations Barbara Nicklaus.” If you needed something done, wanted some creative perspective, had a charity that needed a kick start, needed advice on: tour, golf, children or life, you went to Barbara Nicklaus. She was, and is the model for a tour wife. Not surprisingly, Barbara and Amy have established a friendship. According to Tim Rosaforte of The Golf Channel, Barbara adores Amy and “the impact Amy has is similar to Barbara’s.” They got to know each other during the President’s Cup and have exchanged texts since the news of Amy’s illness broke. Life on the PGA Tour looks exciting and glamorous but raising a family on tour is indeed a challenge. Barbara and Jack Nicklaus did it like few have. Amy and Phil are following the Nicklaus example. Let’s hope that Amy can make a full recovery and take her rightful place on tour: in the gallery following Phil, smiling at everyone, chatting up the fans and just being the nicest person on tour again.

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  1. I think the Pink Out for Amy Michelson shows one of the best traits of the golf community; their unwavering and never ending willingness to support cause (and in this case a person) they believe in. Here’s to all the people that care about others and are willing to show it. Bravo to all that participated, this is a very important issue and with everyone’s continued support of Breast Cancer research it may one day be no more than a Pink fashion statement…

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