Phil, Big John and Elvis

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Forget the “Welcome” mat, put out the “Welcome Back” mat in Memphis this week. Elvis may have left the building but two of the biggest draws in golf are coming back to the tour at the St. Jude Classic.

It is fitting that Big John Daly comes back from his suspension at the home of Elvis. They both are bigger than life characters. Well, Johnny isn’t as big as was, having lost over fifty pounds. He and Elvis had a lot in common. They both loved to overindulge in everything. Food, drink, women and living hard was their trademark. It caught up with Elvis. Daly seems to think he has his demons under control. Daly has crashed and burned more times then you can count. He has had more chances to redeem himself than most people deserve, but you have to pull for this guy. He has spent the past months playing in Europe and getting his act together. He had tried to distance himself from all the hangers on that encouraged the self-destructing John Daly. He says he has had enough drama. That’s the truth; his whole adult life has been one big, bad reality show. He’s got a new diet, a new coach, a new doctor and he is saying all the right things. He says he is committed to doing it the right way this time. This is the first big step in his comeback in the United States. Elvis had a few successful comebacks, let’s see if Big John can pull off his own comeback.

Phil Mickelson returns to action for the first time since The Players. He had announced that he was leaving the tour indefinitely since they found out his wife Amy was diagnosed with breast cancer. Amy’s treatment schedule has allowed Phil to get back on the course much sooner than expected. He even flew into Bethpage on Tuesday for a practice round on The Black accompanied by Dave Pelz. Phil has been a crowd favorite forever. He is the people’s choice at every tour stop. With his recent ordeal he can expect a reception from the fans that few golfers have seen before. It will be like Jack’s last round at St. Andrews or Player’s goodbye at The Masters this year. Fans stood and applauded on each and every hole. Phil can expect the same type of greeting. It will be an emotional week for Phil. Hopefully he can control his emotions and play well this week. Mr. Woods will be waiting for him at the Open. If the two of them can be on form at Bethpage, it will be a sensational Open.


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