Tiger and Kim Battle in Washington

by Jeff Skinner

The guys at CBS are jumping for joy. They got just what they asked for: Tiger Woods and Anthony Kim in the final pairing. Woods and Kim are tied for the lead at The AT&T National, each at 10 under. It should be interesting. Kim has supposedly put his poor start behind him, lost some weight and re-dedicated him to playing golf on more than 2 hours of sleep. Get ready for a lesson on how to close out the deal Mr. Kim. You are in Tiger’s zone now. Woods likes you, admires your talent and thinks you are on of the top young American golfers. Now, he is going to try and beat your brains in over the next 18 holes. There will be no kidding around or joking with each other. After that first tee shot he’ll be all business and his business is stomping the competition. He would step on his mother to get a win, that’s how she raised him. He’ll step on your throat the first time you are down. Get ready to watch Tiger up close and personal. On most Sundays it’s a thing of beauty.


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