Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Golf Book is Good Stuff

by Jeff Skinner

The series of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books are one of the best selling series of books in history. They have covered a myriad of subjects and one of the latest is “The Golf Book…101 Great Stories from the Course and the Clubhouse.” This book follows the same format as all the Chicken Soup series and is a compilation of short stories and anecdotes from numerous contributors. The authors represent a cross section of professional golfers, amateur golfers, sportswriters and regular, everyday people. The stories range from the comical to informative to inspirational.
The subjects cover crazy incidents on the course, stories from inside the ropes on tour, great courses, golf personalities, those special moments when golf grabs a hold you and those relationships formed and strengthened by the game. There are many familiar names that have contributed to this book. Legendary sportswriter Dave Anderson writes of the first golf tournament he ever saw and calls it the best show in sports. Golf Channel personality and Golf World writer, John Hawkins tells how golf and his “mentor” have kept him sober. There are many touching stories of friendship and fellowship from pros and celebrities, but many of the accounts are from everyday golfers that felt inspired enough to send in their contributions for publication.
Editors Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Max Adler have compiled a wonderful and entertaining selection of stories the will give you a laugh and some that will touch your heart. You won’t find anything but amusing or uplifting stories here and that is what “Chicken Soup” is all about. “Chicken Soup for the Soul… The Golf Book” is good for your soul and your heart and your funny bone.


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