10 Things Heath Slocum Said After Winning The Barclays

10 Things Heath Slocum Said After Winning The Barclays
1.    Yea! I get to work on Labor Day.
2.    Who’s the Man now Tiger!
3.    I Love New York and Jersey ain’t so bad either.
4.    #124 Rules!
5.    $1.35 million? C’mon Stella, we going to IHOP.
6.    Can I get my own parking space now?
7.    I don’t want to brag, but did you see who sank that putt on eighteen…Me!
8.    Hey Ernie, Paddy, Steve and Tiger…Na Na..Na Na Na!
9.    Mr. Finchem, I think you got this Playoff thing just right.
10.  Maybe somebody will follow me on Twitter now.



  1. Never before could I have imagined a scenario like that where Tiger would be standing over a seven-foot putt that meant a helluva lot and miss it. Even more improbable is perhaps the idea of someone who was probably the second-last guy to make it on the field, facing the probability of a four-way playoff alongside the likes of Ernie Els, Harrington and Woods and making a big 20-footer. In the normal scheme of things, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone stood on that ball and managed a marvellous three-putt, leaving the big three to fight it out for the spoils. But then we must give credit where it’s due and Heath Slocum has definitely earned this win the right way. Hopefully, it is just the start of a big jump for him and he can now look at more giant-killing acts with the air of serious possibility clouding his mindset and pushing him on to further success.

  2. I know you think you’re pretty funny slighting Slocum through your Top Ten list, but if you’d be honest with yourself, and the rest of us, you’d be estatic if you had half the golf talent Heath has in his little finger. I think it’s pretty sorry of you to downgrade another man’s accomplishment to get a laugh. Get on the course and prove yourself, Expert.

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