Nicklaus In the Olympics?

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The news that Jack Nicklaus has committed to be an honorary starter at The Masters has to surprise many people. Nicklaus had said for years that he never wanted to be a “ceremonial golfer.” The toughest thing Jack had to come to terms with was when he realized he couldn’t compete on the course anymore. There was never a more competitive golfer than Nicklaus. He always played to win no matter if it was a major, a pro-am or practice round, he focused over every shot and if the result was less than his best he was disappointed. No one could will a ball into the hole like Nicklaus and that includes Tiger Woods. At a time when we are seeing less and less of Nicklaus, it is welcome news that he will participate at The Masters. It must be the special attachment that Jack feels to Augusta that caused him to reconsider his self imposed ban on ceremony. It’s good news. Having Jack and Arnie together at Augusta means more Jack and Arnie and that’s always a good thing.

Tim Rosaforte had a conversation with Jack soon after this year’s PGA Championship. Few guys get access like Rosaforte and like all of us, he’s a Nicklaus fan. He gets Jack to talk about Tiger and his attack on his records. Jack speaks of how he got beat in a few majors and how golf is not a fair game. He watched Tiger become human at The PGA and he covers the “Olympic effect” on golf throughout the world. Jack even says he may break out the clubs for a try at a gold medal in 20016. We can only dream!

Check out Jack’s video.


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