Are You A Golfer?

Do you play golf, or are you a golfer?  There is a difference.  Millions of people are playing golf each and every day across the world but not everyone can be called a golfer.  It may sound pompous but it is not meant to be.  There is a definite difference between golfers and people who play golf.  Just because you play golf and chase that little white ball around the golf course does not qualify you as a golfer.  There is more to it than that.
Here are but a few of the differences between golfers and those that play golf.

•    Golfers play by the rules of golf.  They know the rules (most of them anyway) and follow them.  If you don’t play by the rules you’re not a golfer.

•    Golfers do not take mulligans, not even on the first tee.  If you take mulligans you’re not a golfer.

•    Golfers do not cheat.  They are honest and count all their strokes.  If you cheat you’re not a golfer.

•    Golfers will hit a provisional ball when needed.  If you never hit a provisional you’re not a golfer.

•    Golfers repair divots and ball marks.  If you don’t you’re not a golfer.

•    Golfers understand the etiquette of the game.  If etiquette is a foreign word to you you’re not a golfer.

•    Golfers understand that “teaming up” with other golfers is part of the game.  If you have to play by yourself, you’re not a golfer.

•    Golfers appreciate a great shot, even if it is one that beats them.  If you can’t appreciate that you’re not a golfer.

•    Golfers can play with players of all different skill levels including men and women.  If you can’t play with different skill levels you are not a golfer.

•    Golfers enjoy the game all the time not just when you take your buddy’s money.  If you can’t enjoy the game all the time you’re not a golfer.

•    Golfers don’t spend forever looking for their lost ball.  If you take too long looking for balls, yours and others, you’re not a golfer.

These are but a few of the qualities that make people that play golf, golfers.  Golfers are considerate, fun loving, understanding people.  You’ll see the next time you play with one.



  1. Interestingly, I seldom play a mulligan. However, if I do hit a bad shot and someone in my group encourages me to hit one, I will not and that seem to be irritated that I choose to play my first hit ball. So, that must make me a golfer and I do not “play at golf” like most liars and cheaters, right? ! :-)

  2. In 35 years I have taken appx.12 mulligans, only playing as a twosome and if the other guy insist. I know about 95% of the rules and follow them. I will and have played with handicaps(I’m a 15) from scratch to 40 and up (yes they exist, will play by myself only if there’s no one tee off with. Will play any course any where(perfer the toughest ones) except in Alaska in the snow. Love to see a great golf shot, especially one of mine. Love to play even when its bad.I don’t take long looking for my ball, to anxious to go to the next shot and make the correction.

  3. As a teaching professional and a long time golfer (who fits all the descriptions above) it is nice to see someone come out on the net and tell it as it should be told. I am constantly stunned by the number of people who don’t play by the rules, and moreover don’t have a clue as to what most of the rules are. Furthermore the men out there who won’t play with the ladies are a bunch of neanderthals and should not be able to hold their head up in polite society.

  4. I’m out with my wife on Sunday afternoon having a few beers and I don’t play a provisional so I am a cheat and not a golfer. Whatever, dude. Pompous is kind of an understatement.

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