Monday Night Golfer

by Jeff Skinner

Over the last the last four decades Monday Night Football has occupied a significant spot in the sporting consciousness of America. From the first telecast in 1970 of the Jets at the Browns, to Howard Cosell, O J Simpson, Joe Namath and Dandy Don Meredith, Monday Night Football has been a staple for any football fan. The uniqueness of nationally televised night games has been worn away by the proliferation of NFL games on multiple networks. ESPN now carries Monday Night Football and that has given us the chance to see one of the best football analysts at work. Ron Jaworski is the best analyst on television. Jaworski, “Jaws” as he is called by everyone, offers a top notch analysis of the game each and every Monday night. No one in television breaks down a play with the skill of Jaws. He can break up a play into isolated parts and explains all the working parts of the action with plain, understandable English.

His career in broadcasting started by doing radio games for the Eagles but he was snapped up by NFL Films and did such a great job breaking down tape he has his own office at NFL Films. Many younger fans of MNF may not know how good a player Jaworski was in his day. He played for seventeen years in the NFL with four teams, but really made his mark with the Philadelphia Eagles. In 1980 he was the NFL MVP when he led his Eagles against the Oakland Raiders in the 1980 Super Bowl.

About the same time Jaws started buying and running golf courses. He started playing golf as a kid and never lost his passion for the game and keeps his handicap in the single digits. In 1979 he bought his first course, The Abington Club, a nine hole operation in Jenkintown Pa. He has owned or operated thirteen different courses at one time or another and now operates three courses, one each in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Now this would be a dream come true for many a sports fan: owning golf courses and having a night job calling NFL games. Tell me who wouldn’t want a piece of the “Life of Jaws.”

He has been known to stroll onto his Valleybrook Country Club in Blackwood New Jersey and play a round or two with the regulars. He would spend some time working the grillroom in the clubhouse on occasion too. He has combined his passion for golf and his natural born leader personality into his management company, RJM, Ron Jaworski Golf Management. His company will manage all aspects of running a golf course. Jaws and his management company believe that the success to a good club operation lies in all the little details and provide services for every facet of course operation. Check out  Jaws’ website.

If Jaws runs his company with the same skill that he uses to breakdown a Cover 2 defense, his courses must be great places to play. Golf by day and football on Mondays nights: not a bad way to spend your retirement.


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