Kenny, Tiger, Phil; Three Different Seasons

At the start of the season if Tim Finchem could have looked into the future and saw the leader board for the final round of The Tour Championship he would have smiled.  With Kenny Perry, Tiger and Phil atop the standings he would have been sure to think the Playoffs were a success. However, none of us, Finchem included would ever have imagined how the season was to unfold.

All the question marks about Tiger and his comeback from knee surgery were put to rest when he started winning almost every time he teed it up. Tiger has had a dominating year on the PGA Tour with six wins but has come up short in the majors. Who could have predicted that of Tiger’s six wins none would be majors?

Phil’s year started out poorly but soon found his game and had two wins before The Masters. When he and Tiger fought it out in a head to head battle that stole the show at The Masters we thought we would see that all season. Then Phil got the news of Amy’s cancer and his season and his life were changed forever. Phil has always put his family above golf and his season took a backseat to Amy and his other family issues. It’s amazing he is able to compete at this level with so little practice.

Kenny Perry won early this season and had The Masters in his grasp with a two stroke lead with two holes to play. After his collapse and loss at Augusta he won over more fans than he would have if he had won the tournament. Perry handled his loss with class, dignity and sincerity and allowed us all to see the character he possesses. Perry also has had many family health issues this season has been given many challenges but he always acted with class and put his family first. Check out Tim Rosaforte and Kenny Perry.

Now Perry sits in first place with a two shot lead on Tiger. He has an outside chance of winning The FedEx Cup, but only a very outside chance. It is fitting that three of the players that set the tone for the season at The Masters will close out the PGA Tour’s regular season, three men of character and skill and all with three very different flavors to their seasons. Who would have imagined that these three would have a season like this? Now they all have a chance to put a special ending on their emotional and unique seasons.


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