Tiger and Phil: 10 Things We Heard on the Green

As Tiger and Phil were posing with their trophies on Sunday NBC wasn’t able to pick up all the chit chat going on.  Here’s ten things overheard as Phil and Tiger posed for pictures.

1.    Tiger to Phil:  “Mine is bigger than yours.”

2.   Phil to Tiger: “Trade ya?”

3.    Tiger: “I guess I could use it as a water bowl for my dogs.”

4.   Tiger to Phil: “I told Finchem: If I play all four tournaments, I better get 10 million.”

5.    Phil: “Damn! Even when I beat him he wins something!”

6.   Tiger: “I say we tell Finchem we want 20 mil next year.”

7.   Phil to Tiger: “Too bad it’s not a major.”

8.    Tiger: “Where the hell is Y.E. Yang? I want to shove this up his……”

9.   Phil to Tiger: “Don’t think this means we are playing together at The Presidents Cup.”

10.   Tiger: “FedEx Cup, Presidents Cup, Ryder Cup, who cares? I want another major!”


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