It’s the People That Matter

One of the greatest joys we get from playing golf is the people we get to play with. Spending time on the course with our friends and family is more than just an added bonus of the game. For many of us it’s the people that make the game what it is. Sometimes golf is just an excuse to spend time with the people we love.

When the pros have an off day or two, many of them can be found taking part in some charity events or trying to help out a worthy cause. Working a day or two to raise funds to help out someone in need is standard practice for these guys. This has been an especially emotional week for the guys on tour.

Earlier this week friends of Ken Green took part in an event in Connecticut to help raise money for his medical bills. Green was in his RV when it crashed and he lost his girlfriend, his brother and dog. After the crash he chose to have his leg amputated so he would have a better chance of playing golf with a prosthetic. Green’s contemporaries are trying to help one of their own.

Golf heavyweights Tom Watson and John Feinstein hosted a tournament called “The Bruce,” named after Watson’s longtime caddy and friend Bruce Edwards. The tournament raises money for ALS research and has raised over three million dollars in its five years.

Arnold Palmer is being awarded a Congressional Gold Medal by the White House. You would think that Arnie has been given every accolade in existence, but not this one. Only one golfer has been awarded this previously and that was Byron Nelson. With all the friends Arnie had in the White House you have to wonder what took them so long.

Finally, the pros aren’t the only ones that love playing golf with their friends. Four golf buddies from Philadelphia have been heading down to Myrtle Beach for forty years. This year some fine people in Myrtle Beach decided to pick up the tab for them. That’s what makes this game so special. It’s a great game but it’s the people that really make it special.


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