Obama’s New Foursome

by Jeff Skinner

Never underestimate the power of the press, or the web, or television. Just ask President Obama. After I read the New York Times article that compared The White House to a “frat house” I figured it wouldn’t be long before Obama’s people put together some kind of damage control. The President has been taking a little heat for his habit of playing basketball with the guys. And I do mean the guys. Some are criticizing Obama for not including women in his basketball games. In the words of Rocco Mediate, “Are you kidding me?”

I have the feeling that these people calling for women to be included in these games are probably the same ones who picketed with Martha Burke at The Masters in 2003. We all know how that turned out. Now give me a break, please! If anyone has a problem with Barack Obama and his “boys club” they are way off base.

He has appointed women to many high profile positions, Hillary Clinton is his Secretary of State, he just named Sonia Sotomayor to The Supreme Court and according to the Times “there is a 50-50 gender split among White House employees.”

Give him a break. Can’t a guy just play some hoops? I guess not, when you are the leader of the free world everything comes with a price.

So, the Obama Damage Control Team goes to work and they come up with a plan to include a female in Barack’s next athletic outing which meant a new addition to The President’s Sunday golf foursome. On Sunday, chief domestic policy advisor, Melody Barnes joined The President for his round. It was the first time that a women had been included the Presidential Foursome.

As if the he isn’t taking enough heat for the economy, the wars, unemployment and health care, he has to worry about who he shoots hoops with and his playing partners on the golf course. We should be content with the fact that he loves to play golf and plays by the rules. According to those in the know, Obama plays by the rules and doesn’t take liberties on the course like Bill Clinton did. It says a little about this character that he’s a legit golfer.

Being the highest profile person on earth has its drawbacks and having to appease every possible constituency is one of them. Sorry, Mr. President, you are spending too much time with the boys, better get more females involved. After all, they did get you elected so the least you could do is play some golf with a few of them.

It’s time we stopped trying to read something into everything. It’s just a guy shooting some hoops and it just may be a guy that likes to play some golf with some friends. So he happens to be The President, can we just let him play some golf.


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