Golf, Sex and Murder

by Jeff Skinner

With golf being voted in to the Olympics recently, there has been much discussion as to how it will grow the game worldwide.  Well, golf is played in many parts of the world now and it seems that some countries and cultures are putting their own modern spin on this ancient game.  At a golf club in Indonesia, aptly named Modern Golf Club, the caddies are offering services that would make Old Tom Morris cringe.

It is not unusual for many golf clubs in Asia to supply female caddies. Golf clubs have instituted training programs for women to understand the game and their responsibilities as a caddie.  According to an article in The Washington Post, by Andrew Higgins, approximately 200 of the 250 caddies at the Modern Golf Club are women. The club makes an effort to employ young attractive women as caddies.  Most men select a female to caddy for them and it seems that some of the female caddies are offering “off course services.”

“When women carry golfers’ clubs, “they (golfers) hold their temper.” But, according to some female caddies, that is not all they hold. “They like to pretend they are teaching me how to hit a golf ball, you know, hugging me from behind and touching my thighs,” said one Modern caddie. She asked that her name not be used. Groping golfers, she said, “usually give big tips, so I don’t mind.”  She sometimes meets golfers off duty and charges 500,000 rupiah, about $54, for a night in a hotel “but there are other caddies, top caddies, who get almost 1,000,000 per night.”

So with the female caddies offering more than yardages and club selections, problems were sure to follow.  It appears that one club member has been accused of murder in the shooting death of a man whose wife was a caddie.  The “caddie” was alleged to have taken care of this golfer in ways that aren’t covered in The Rules of Golf.  The suspect is a politician and he is accused of killing the caddie’s husband because he was being blackmailed by him.

Modern Golf Club may be a little too modern if you ask me.  Golf, sex and murder: you get more than you pay for at Modern Golf Club.


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