Sleeping Can Improve Your Golf Game

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We golfers will do anything to try and improve our game. We’ll spend our hard earned cash on the latest clubs, the best balls and any newfangled contraption that offers any chance of bettering our scores. It turns out that many of us may have the ability to improve our score by doing nothing more than getting a good night’s sleep. Doctors presented research at a meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians saying that “golfers can improve their attentiveness and ability to make crucial shots” simply by sleeping well.

These doctors studied golfers afflicted with Sleep Apnea and found that golfers that used a night-time sleeping device that provides “nasal positive airway pressure” (NPAP) for a few months saw their handicaps drop. Improving your golf game is important, yes, but improving the quality of your life is the priority here.

There are plenty of golfers out there that are living with sleep apnea that could benefit from some treatment. I know, my brother-in-law Matt is one of them. I found out the hard way when I shared a room with him on our last golf trip. He snored and gasped and made enough noise all night that it not only keeps him from getting any good sleep, it kept me up all night too. The scary thing is that these guys actually stop breathing during the night and that strains their heart. When he stopped snoring and snorting and breathing, I honestly thought he had gone to the big fairway in the sky. I started planning on how we would finish our 36 holes and then come back and call the coroner. Luckily, he started breathing again and we got our rounds in. I would have hated to play as a threesome.

The technology is out there to improve your life and your golf game too, Matt. Give it a shot before our next golf trip so I can get some sleep.


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  1. I think we could have definelty got in 18 but doing two loops might have been a bit extreme had Matt been playing the Heavenly Links. We would have drawn some suspicion and the neighbors might have complained- it was pretty warm in Tampa in the afternoon.
    Until our Bro gets fitted for a Darth Vader setup , ala LJ, we’got to go to sepaarte rooms.

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