Nothing Good Happens at 2:30am, Just Ask Tiger Woods

So on a slow news and sports day here’s the headline that could scare the heck out of some people: “Tiger Woods Injured in Car Crash. According to various reports Woods hit a tree and a fire hydrant just outside his home about 2:30am this morning. True to the old adage “Nothing good happens after 2 o’clock in the morning” Woods was treated and released from the hospital with facial lacerations and left in good condition.

This will certainly start a whirlwind of speculation on what happened to Tiger at 2:30 am. Maybe Woods was heading out to get medicine for his kids or whatever, but the media will be all over this for days. However it does point out just how fragile life can be. For the past dozen years Woods has been expected to continue his march to surpass Jack’s major record without any problems. In the opinion of many, it is just a matter of time before he wins his 19th major.

Jack has said it isn’t as easy as you would think. He still has to win the tournaments. It could be something as minor and random as this auto accident that could stop Woods from completing his quest. Heck, he could pop his knee playing hoops or trip over his kid’s toys and injure himself, or he could get in a car accident just like this. You never know what could happen to Tiger or any of us to radically change our lives. Just ask Phil Mickelson or Ken Green. Neither of them ever thought their lives would take the paths they took this year. Golf is important to Woods, Mickelson and Green, but it isn’t their life, and it never should be.


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