Tiger’s Crash Has More Questions Than Answers

by Jeff Skinner

And we thought this was going to be a slow weekend for golf news. Thanks to Tiger and a fire hydrant, things have changed a little bit. In case you have been in a cave or still sleeping off the Thanksgiving hangover, Tiger is all over the news. Woods and his accident is not only the number one story in sports, he is also dominating the celebrity gossip headlines.

Here are what we know to be accurate facts from local authorities:

Woods hit a fire hydrant and a tree right outside his house around 2:00am Friday morning.

Police arrived and found Woods lying in the driveway in a less then coherent state.

Elin Woods was “hovering” over Woods.

The back window of the Cadillac SUV Woods was driving was broken out.

Woods was transported to the hospital, treated and released in “good “condition later.

Here is what has been happening to Tiger in the tabloid press lately:

The National Enquirer claims that Woods is having an affair with a NYC nightclub executive. They claim that Rachel Uchitel was with Woods in Australia.

While Uchitel has a history of trying to date celebs, she has come out with a denial concerning Woods when Waggle Room was able to contact her.

Now here is where things get a little sketchy. There are reports circulating on the web that some local law enforcement officers stated that a “domestic issue” preceded the crash. I was never very good in math but if we put two and two together we get a golf club to the back windshield.

Speculating can be a dangerous thing, but there is plenty more than meets the eye here. Could it be possible that Elin and Tiger had an argument about the alleged affair? Maybe Tiger’s denial didn’t wash with Elin. Maybe Tiger admitted an affair. If there was such an argument, it isn’t a stretch to think that Tiger was storming out of the house, or told to get out by his wife. Maybe Elin wanted to get a few licks in and grabbed the golf club to have a go at Tiger. Could it be that Elin was taking a swing at the SUV as Tiger was pulling away? Tiger might have been “distracted” by the breaking of the back window and turned to see his wife smashing the window. It’s easy to assume if your wife is coming at you with a club that you could be distracted. Woods then hits the hydrant and tree and what was a domestic squabble becomes a national story.

Tiger Woods has lived his life trying to avoid the off course spotlight. The only time Tiger likes press is when he is winning a major championship or raising money for his foundation. His handlers are all sworn to secrecy and never speak to the press. Tiger will be trying to ignore any inquiries into this incident by the press but he may be over matched here. It is a shame if there is trouble in Tiger’s personal life. He has earned a life of success and wealth that we can only imagine. Whether or not the allegations of infidelity are true, this is the first real legitimate crisis involving Tiger’s life and his family. Tiger will need to do some damage control to set things right. It will take a “major” effort on his part.


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