Tiger’s Crash is Now “Tiger-Gate”

by Jeff Skinner

There was an exciting finish at The 55th World Cup of Golf in China. The Molinari Brothers (Francesco and Edoardo) became the first brother combination to win the World Cup. They also gave Italy their first World Cup Championship ever. The Italians shot four under to beat both Ireland and Sweden by one stroke. The USA finished tied for seventh at twenty under par.

Tiger-Gate: Day 3

In other golf news, actually in the only golf news, day three of Tiger-Gate begins the same as day two. The Florida Highway way Patrol will again try to speak to Tiger and his wife to get the full story on Friday’s 2:00am accident. Tiger and Elin have found excuses to avoid speaking to authorities and have left the door open for days of speculation on what really transpired when Tigers’ SUV met a fire hydrant.

Tiger and Elin Woods have tried to live a private personal life. That almost seems impossible with Tiger as the most recognizable athlete in the world, but they have made a valiant effort to keep their life as private as they could. Friday morning’s accident has thrust them into a world of tabloid headlines and public scrutiny that they are unfamiliar with. Tiger-Gate is in full bloom and they have only themselves to blame.

A search on Google News today brought up 5,583 articles on Tiger Woods. At the same time a search for President Obama registered only 4,835 articles. More disconcerting for Woods must be the total for Rachel Uchitel, her search showed 5,550 pieces. Uchitel is the woman The National Enquirer claims is having an affair with Woods. This is the world that Tiger has tried so hard to avoid: a sordid world of lying, cheating and tabloids that prey on any sign of imperfection from its celebrities.

Whatever happened behind the closed doors of Tiger’s mansion on Friday spilled out into the street and into the international headlines. Tiger and his wife have contributed to the feeding frenzy by avoiding the questions by police. He’ll have to answer the questions one way or another. The police are being very accommodating right now. However, if they continue to be rebuked by Woods they could show up the next time with arrest warrants for lying to the police and destruction of public property.

This is a story that will not die easily. Uchitel is now speaking to the media outlets and has hired high profile lawyer Gloria Allred. The firestorm that is Tiger-Gate continues to grow larger and hotter. The gated, walled in, private community can’t keep it from growing. Neither can Tiger’s battalion of handlers. Woods needs to wake up and talk to the police and make a statement to the press. The sooner he does the quicker he’ll be able to get Tiger-Gate off the front page. From the looks of the sharks circling the gates of Isleworth, that won’t be anytime soon.


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