Tiger Gets Small Fine; Woman Says She Had Affair With Tiger

So the Florida Highway Patrol has finalized its investigation into Tiger’s accident. It looks like Tiger is getting off easy with only a citation for careless driving, four points on his license and a fine of $164. There will be no criminal charges and the investigation is closed. That’s the easy part for Tiger.

It is not getting any easier for Tiger to reclaim his image and privacy. This afternoon Us Weekly has released a story quoting a Los Angeles waitress who says she had a 31 month affair with Tiger starting in April 2007.

The ultra private Woods is now living in the world he has tried so long to avoid. He is front page news on every gossip laden tabloid and he and his family has become internet fodder. Can Jerry Springer be far behind?

The latest woman to take a swing at Tiger is Jaimee Grubbs who is a VH1 reality show veteran and claims to have text messages from Woods to prove her claim. Rachel Uchitel, the first “other woman” according to The National Enquirer, has retained high profile lawyer Gloria Allred to handle her case. Her case? I guess we should get ready for the television interviews on the morning shows, the 60 minutes interview and the made for television movie.

This is the world Tiger has tried to avoid. It may be getting worse before it gets any better for Tiger.


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