Tiger’s Sorry, Sorry He Got Caught

by Jeff Skinner

Here’s a news flash: Tiger Woods has admitted he is not perfect. After years of playing golf and living his life like a superhero he finally admits he is mortal,” I am not without faults and I am far short of perfect” was the third sentence in the “apology” that he released on his website (see Tiger’s comments). As far as apologies go it was pretty weak. As John Feinstein said on The Golf Channel he should have stopped after the first paragraph. When you say “I’m sorry” you don’t follow it with a “but” like Tiger did.

After he admits to regretting “those transgressions” he takes aim at the media and the tabloids for pursuing the story. He complains about the scrutiny he received and felt he was treated unfairly. It really sounds like Tiger is not saying “I’m sorry” but rather “I’m sorry I got caught.” I am sure Tiger is sorry he got caught because now he has to make compromises in his lifestyle. If he is being sincere in his statement when he says, “I will strive to be a better person and the husband and father that my family deserves” he will certainly have to radically change his behavior.

At least Tiger appears to be taking steps to try and reconcile with Elin. Rebuilding a marriage that has been shattered by actions like this is not an easy task. It won’t be easy for Woods but it is even more difficult for Elin. Only a week ago the Woods family seemed like a dream family. Today it is a family broken by the bitterest betrayal, the betrayal of trust. Tiger betrayed the trust he and Elin had. It is the rebuilding of that trust which is the most complicated and difficult chore they face. Elin will have to decide if she can ever trust Tiger again. It won’t be easy for her.

While Tiger may feel the world has treated him unfairly, he is a victim of his own actions. The real victims here are Elin and the children. If Tiger truly realizes the consequences of his actions and puts the same effort into saving his marriage that he uses on his golf game his family may be saved.


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