Tiger’s “Scorecard” Grows

It was a good weekend for golf, especially Jim Furyk, Adam Scott and Robert Allenby as they all won tournaments throughout the world. It wasn’t a good weekend for Tiger Woods as a few more mistresses have come forward to claim their fifteen minutes of fame or at least a paycheck of some kind.

The Tiger Woods Mistress Count is climbing faster than his major championship tally. As it stands now it’s Major Championships 14 and Major Mistresses 7. Yes, 7. The New York Daily News reports today that Tiger had an affair with porn star Holly Sampson. If that’s the case, she would be the seventh women linked to Woods. Over the weekend Mindy Lawton (#5) and Cori Rist (#6) were named as part of Tiger’s harem.

It’s tough to keep up with all the “players” here. It seems everytime you open a paper or check the web there’s another face being added to Tiger’s “scorecard”. Here’s the latest tally: subject to change any moment.

Rachel Uchitel: NYC Club hostess is rumored to be getting paid off by Woods for her denial.

Jamiee Grubbs: Cocktail waitress, reality TV “star” released phone message from Tiger.

Kalika Moquin: Las Vegas Nightclub Manager, says she knows Woods “professionally” but bragged to friends about Woods.

Jamie Jungers: Model, met Woods in Las Vegas, works for Trashy Girls, a company that supplies women to casinos to spend time with high rollers and celebrities.

Mindy Lawton: Restaurant Manager, is telling intimate details of affair with Tiger, ran around with Tiger in his Orlando hometown and even hooked up in his mansion.

Cori Rist: Model/Clubber, Supposedly met Woods at NYC nightclubs and hooked up with Woods while he was out on tour.

Holly Sampson: Porn Actress, The Daily Telegraph has named Sampson as a Wood’s Girl. Sampson has not denied the allegations.

Update 10:45am: The NYPost.com has published an article saying another Florida cocktail waitress has stated she had a two year affair with Woods. She is trying to keep her identity secret, but we’ll see how long that lasts.


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