Tiger-Gate: “Do you think…”

Do you think that Tim Finchem is a little bit nervous now? Do you think Tim may be praying for Phil Mickelson come out and win early and rescue the tour? Maybe a Masters win would do the trick. Come on Phil!

Do you think Tiger’s Mistress Count will catch up to his Major Championship Count? It’s 14 Majors now and ten mistresses…and counting.

Do you think that maybe Tiger did get a club to the head sometime on last Friday morning? It wouldn’t be that horrible if he did.

Do you think that Tiger’s Management Team ought to take a hit for some of this? It looks like he’s got a team of enablers and yes men. Nobody wants to tell the Emperor he’s out of control and kill their meal ticket.

Do you think that Elin should be introducing Tiger to her lawyers and her management team?

Do you think there are way too many “Nightclub managers”, “hostesses,” “cocktail waitresses” and “models” in Tiger’s social circle?

Do you think Tiger will recover? I am sure he will, on the course anyway. He’ll come back and win again and win more majors too, but the “Tiger Woods” image is gone. He’s just a great golfer now. He killed his “Icon” status with his sickening behavior. He may pass Jack’s record of 18 majors but don’t ever compare Tiger Woods with Jack Nicklaus. He’s not in the same class.


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