Some Good News for Tiger Woods

Latest news and thoughts on Tiger-Gate

FOXNews is reporting that Tiger and Elin are planning to leave the country soon. According to FOXNews, a source close to Elin’s family says they will be going to Sweden, possibly to the mansion on the private island that Elin is rumored to have purchased. It is probably a good move for Elin to try and get away from the media storm that surrounds. However, she has to realize that she is bringing her biggest problem with her. Tiger is her problem, not the press.

CNNMoney.com is reporting that Tiger’s television advertisements have disappeared. According to Nielsen, the leading media tracker, Tiger hasn’t had an ad run since Nov. 29. Tiger was even absent from his own tournament as no Tiger ads ran during The Chevron World Challenge. I hadn’t noticed the lack of ads, but Tiger is still getting plenty of air time. He’s now a TMZ favorite.

It’s not all bad news for Tiger. Yahoo still loves him. Yahoo’s CEO, Carol Bartz says, “God Bless Tiger.” “This week we got a huge uplift: Front Page, News, Sports, Gossip. He just filtered through the whole place. It is better than Michael Jackson dying; it is kind of hard to put an ad next to a funeral.” That’s pretty cruel, but at least he is helping someone who isn’t a porn star, cocktail waitress or a VIP hostess.


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