Tiger-Gate Day 14: More Trouble Brewing

“Hooks and Slices” will bring you our view on whats happening in the golf world.

Just when you think Tiger-Gate couldn’t get any weirder it does. Now one mistress is venting at Tiger, saying “he deserves everything he gets” and she’s not taling endorsements here. Another mistress is apologizing to Elin Woods, I’m sure that Elin appreciates that. Playgirl Magazine is claiming to have nude pictures of Tiger and will publish them. The networks are being taken to task for not addressing Tiger’s “transgressions” on their telecasts and a video of porn star Holly Sampson has surfaced and she’s talking Tiger Sex. It just keeps getting deeper for Woods.

Jamie Jungers (#4) says she ended their affair because she felt guilty about Tiger’s wife, oh yea, I bet. She goes on to detail that Tiger flew her all over the place to satisfy his needs. Jaimee Grubbs (#2) went on Extra to apologize to Elin Woods for all she has put her through. In another attempt to extend her fifteen minutes of fame (or infamy), Grubbs did an interview and she said,” I have no words to explain what I have done to her or her family.”

We might get to see more of Tiger than we would like. Playgirl Magazine is saying it will publish nude pictures of Tiger Woods as soon as they can confirm if they are real. If they prove to be real and not a product of some expert Photoshop work, it would open another horrible chapter for Woods and his family. Let’s see what his sponsors do then.

The Saturday Night Live skit of Tiger and Elin Woods is still getting plenty of play but as Sean Gregory points out in Time.com, Tiger and his troubles are barely mentioned during golf telecasts. Gregory takes NBC, The Golf Channel and ESPN to task for their skirting the Tiger issue. Mike Tirico, of ESPN/ABC is one of the best golf announcers on the air but I have to disagree with him when he says this: “The person putting on the TV is coming to watch golf,” he says. “They’re not coming for TMZ or Entertainment Tonight. I’ve heard people say, ‘I don’t want to hear that, we came to watch the game. If we want that other stuff, we’ll go watch Sportscenter or read about it online.’ Dwelling on it for two hours, when it’s not impacting the competition, wouldn’t make much sense.” It’s a pure case of the networks not wanting to bite the hand that feeds them. They know that Woods will be back soon enough and they will not jeopardize their relationship with the biggest ratings driver in sports.

As if there wasn’t enough scandalous news surfacing about Tiger and his “transgressions”, Zennie Abraham of Zennie62 and SFGate.com has found a video of an interview with porn star Holly Sampson (#7) talking about sex with Tiger Woods. It seems that Sampson originally met Woods when she was at a bachelor party for Woods and the relationship started there. She raves about Woods and calls him the whitest black boy you’ve ever met.” See the video here, but be warned, these are porn stars talking about their escapades. That’s escapades, not Escalades.


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