Tiger Feels More Heat

by Jeff Skinner

We thought the Tiger Woods fiasco was bottoming out after the list of porn stars and hostesses grew to about a dozen or so but we were wrong. The New York Times reports that a doctor who treated Tiger during his rehab last year is under investigation for distributing illegal performance enhancing drugs. If we heard about this three weeks ago we could pass it off but with the revelation that Tiger has been leading a double life it’s hard not to think the worst. Since Thanksgiving wherever there was smoke, fire wasn’t far away and this could be another bonfire for Tiger.

One of the questions many are asking is “How did he keep all of this a secret?” With all the agents, handlers, and hangers-on in the Woods camp someone had to know of Tiger’s behavior. In the LA Times, Robin Abcarian asks that same question of John Feinstein who is convinced someone in Tiger’s camp knew. “I wish I had some brilliant theory, because that’s been the big question to me,” Woods is so reluctant to reveal personal information, said Feinstein, that the writer considered it a triumph when he coaxed out of Woods the relatively trivial fact that he was a registered independent. Still, Feinstein believes that Woods’ inner circle must have known he was straying.
“I can’t see how his agent or caddie could not have known,” said Feinstein. “It’s his agent’s job to know what the heck the guy was doing. If he didn’t know, he should be fired.”

On Colin Cowherd’s ESPN Radio program, (click here, then on the show with Reilly) Rick Reilly takes the agents at IMG to task for letting Woods get out of control. In respect to the report on the performance enhancing drugs Reilly says you have “to question everything now.” He also says he doesn’t believe Steve Williams for one second when he says he knew nothing of Tiger’s affairs. Reilly says Williams and Woods are together all the time on planes, staying in the same hotels or houses and he is just protecting his man.

You can’t say that Steve Williams isn’t a good bag man. He protects his man no matter what. Williams says a few things in this video that I have to laugh at. First he says, “I have no idea what Tiger does off the course” and he goes on to say that “Tiger was so gracious with the media” all these years. Are you kidding me Steve? Tiger is anything but gracious with the media and nobody believes you weren’t in the know.


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