End of the Year Recap

by Jeff Skinner

Over the past year I’ve had a chance to write and rant on plenty of subjects. Looking back, I have had a real ball this year. So here’s a recap of some of my favorite spots from October, November and December 2009. Yes, December is a Tiger heavy month but just like the golf course, he dominated the tabloids to.

Probably my most embarrassing piece was “Thank God it’s Tiger” where I explained how lucky we were that Tiger wasn’t a knucklehead. I was wrong like everyone else.

Arnie gave us his rules of golf and the times were-a-changing at The Road Hole.

It’s time for a truly International LPGA Tour and believe it or not, sleeping can help your golf game.

I nominated Michelle Wie for Comeback Player of the Year, named my Players of the Year and profiled a golf course run by volunteers for veterans only.

We watched Phil beat Tiger in the wee hours of the morning and Phil started his 2010 season a little early.

Then came Thanksgiving and the fire hydrant that brought down a Tiger. We all know nothing good happens at 2 o’clock in the morning. Before the stuff really hit the fan I came up with a Top Ten List for Tiger and even John Daly was giving him advice. Tiger’s apology seemed like he was sorry he got caught. Tiger-Gate dominated the headlines through December and we all realized that Tiger had Duped Us All.


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