Where’s Waldo?…Where’s Tiger?…Where’s Elin?

by Jeff Skinner

If Tiger Woods and his IMG brain trust are looking for ways to ease Tiger back into the public spotlight I have a great suggestion for them. Remember Waldo? The intrepid world traveler in those children’s books entitled “Where’s Waldo? Well, since we’ve been playing “Where’s Tiger?” for the last month and Tiger has been losing sponsors it looks like a natural fit. It’s time Woods and his boys started earning back some of that cash they lost and release a new line of Tiger endorsed items. The time is right for “Where’s Tiger?” books: children’s and adult of course, video games, board games, lunch boxes etc. The possibilities are unlimited. They can even sell an iPhone App, yes; believe it or not Waldo has one.

In the past day there have been reports of Tiger being in Arizona for rehab, hanging out in NYC’s Trump International, on his boat and partying in Florida and even speculation that he is in Africa. Wherever Tiger is hiding he is doing a great job of avoiding the paparazzi.

We can say the same about Elin Woods. She shouldn’t have to wait for the divorce settlement checks. “Where’s Elin?” would be a best seller also. Elin was walking her kids in Florida and skiing in the Alps at the same time. Elin has a distinct advantage over Tiger: she has an identical twin sister, Josefin. Do you think the two of them could have some fun with the paparazzi if they wanted too? I think they may have inadvertently done so already. “Where’s Elin?” would be an smash hit.  Maybe “smash hit ” is a bit literal here, but you know what I mean.

Vanity Fair has Tiger on its February cover with an article from Buzz Bissinger. It’s the usual take on Tiger: he crafted a perfect image and was leading a double life, where no one really knew him, even his wife.

EASports is expected to announce today that it will go ahead with its planned release of its “online video game,” Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online, its latest addition to the highly successful Tiger Woods PGA Tour line of video games. Woods is one of EASports biggest sellers. They may be less likely to drop Woods than his other sponsors.


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