Donald Trump Called a “Stupid Yank”

by Jeff Skinner

Donald Trump and his foray into Scottish Golf continues to come under attack by a few stubborn locals who refuse to submit to Trump. With work underway at the North Aberdeen site Trump still has a few landowners that are making noise for Trump and his plan. 84 year old Molly Forbes lives on the land owned by her son Michael and they have filed suit to stop the project.

Mrs. Forbes has called Trump a “stupid Yank” and said,” said “Donald Trump is just a bairn who never grew up. He needs a skelped backside. We just laugh at anything he says. Improve this area? He’ll have to improve himself first.” Translation: He’s just a child that needs his backside slapped.

Michael Forbes refuses to sell his land to Trump and insists his farm will remain there in the middle of Trump’s world class resort. Forbes calls Trump “a New York Clown” and Trump counters by calling him “the village idiot.”

In the meantime workers have started preliminary work on the course and Trump plans to move ahead on schedule. It’s refreshing and a little comical to see the clash of cultures and generations as Molly and The Donald go at it. Maybe Trump has met his match. Well, maybe for awhile anyway.


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