Jack Nicklaus: World Class Grandpa

by Jeff Skinner

The tributes to the Golden Bear dominate the golf websites today, as they should.  Jack Nicklaus is a once in a generation golfer, an extraordinary parent and a rare kind of man that doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. One of the more humorous Nicklaus anecdotes is his reaction to the births of his five children.  The Golf Channel’s list of “70 things you don’t know about Jack Nicklaus” includes the following:

62) When he went in to see his first-born child, Jackie, his knees got wobbly and he passed out.

63) When his second born, Steve, was first brought out to him, Nicklaus passed out again.

64) When his third born, Nancy, was brought out, Nicklaus blacked out yet again. The doctor joked that he required more time in the recovery room than his wife, Barbara.

65) When nurses brought out his fourth born, Gary, guess what happened? Nicklaus keeled over once more.

66) When his fifth and last child, Michael, was brought out, Nicklaus’ legs finally held up. He managed not to pass out.

Steve Elling at CBSSports.com profiles Jack the father and grandfather.  He still works his schedule around the grandkids activities and games.  He would rather be at one of his grandchildren’s games instead of walking the grounds of a new design.

“Nicklaus’ employees are under standing orders not to schedule any work-related outings, appearances or golf-course site visits during periods when the Grand Slam-winning grandfather has games to attend. For decades, Nicklaus has been such a regular sideline fixture; the other parents don’t blink anymore. He’s just another doting grandfather.”


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