Phil Gives His “State of Phil Address”

Phil Mickelson spent about thirty minutes in the press tent yesterday giving the media a “State of Phil Address.”  He took the upfront approach and shot right from the hip.  “I’m excited to get the year started,” Mickelson said. “But before we talk about that and the tournament, there’s a few other areas I’d like to discuss before we go into that.”  He then went on to touch on Tiger, Amy and his mom, his schedule, the Tour, his support team and the groove debate.  He seemed open and honest but was consciously diplomatic on Tiger.  Phil says he is ready for the year to start and is confident that this could be ”an exceptional year.”

It’s a great day for watching golf if you can.  The European Tour’s Qatar Masters is on The Golf Channel at 9:30am EST and Phil and the boys are live from Torrey Pines at 3:00pm EST.  Check out Phil’s interview.


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