Welcome to The PGA Tour on MTV

by Jeff Skinner

I hope all those people who call golf “boring” are taking notice now.  It seems like this season would be more at home on MTV following The Jersey Shore than it does on The Golf Channel.  I can see the commercial now.  You want excitement, controversy, drama and sex? Forget Snooki and The Situation! We have Phil and The Situation, we have Tiger and The Skanks, we have Daly on suicide watch, and we have McCarron in the witness protection program.  We are The PGA Tour Shore!

We all knew that when Phil started playing there would be more interest in the game.  We all knew that he would have to carry the tour for awhile.  But, come on Phil!  Don’t you think you’re over doing it?  I know there are probably a few thousand new lawyers watching the game, all hoping their phone rings when Phil sues Scott McCarron for slander.

What a season already!  Here’s a quick recap, or as they say in the ratings biz, a tease.

Phil Mickelson, playing The Rebel with a Cause, is using the square-grooved Ping Eye 2’s  in his bag this week. The PGA Tour says the club is legal even though new clubs with square groves are not.  That’s good enough for Phil (and a few others) so he is playing it.  Phil is really pissed off at The USGA because they keep turning down his Callaway clubs for approval. He is making his point here, and doing a pretty good job.  Let’s hope he wins and see the s**tstorm that follows that.

John Daly wants to quit golf, he can’t compete he says.  So he missed two cuts this year, big deal he’s been missing cuts for ten years.  Then he backtracks on quitting. I’m sure after he realized that his Golf Channel reality show is based on him playing golf and that’s how he gets his checks.  “Oh yea, I’ll play now I was just kidding” he must have been thinking.  So maybe he was just trying for a little ratings boost for his show? Do ya think?

Now we have players on the Tour going after each other.  Scott McCarron has come out and said that Phil is violating the spirit of the new groove rule and is a cheater. There is no more hated word in golf as cheater. Those are fighting words and Phil is fighting back.  His last comments on the subject were kind of a “no comment.”  When pushed for further comment on McCarron, Phil said other people are handling it now.  Translation: my lawyers are on this baby now.

Let’s not forget the number one poster boy for drama on the tour: Tiger Woods.  He is taking heat also, even though he is still hiding out.  Tom Watson has taken Tiger to task for his on course behavior and says he needs to put that behind him when he comes back.  Watson says this is a gentlemen’s game and we all need to act that way.

Oh yea, the golf, how can we forget the golf.  It looks to be an exciting Sunday.  Ryuji Imada has a two stroke lead, but Phil, Ping wedges in hand, is four strokes back.  Scott McCarron missed the cut.  Maybe he is trying to make his point.

Drama, excitement, intrigue… The Tour has it all this week. They said they needed better ratings and they might just get them. Somebody better check on Tim Finchem.  He might just be smacking himself in the head with one of those Ping Eye 2’s.  Call back those guys from CSI and have them check his office, quick!


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