Tiger’s Women Making Headlines and Cashing Paychecks

by Jeff Skinner

Be warned: The following piece deals with Tiger and his mistresses.  If you had enough of either slide on down to our interview with LPGA star Vicky Hurst. Vicky is the real deal on the LPGA Tour.

Nothing surprises me anymore, well almost nothing.  I am not surprised that Tiger Woods is still the number one story in golf even though he hasn’t been seen in public since Thanksgiving.  I am not surprised that every golf writer, columnist, blogger, television analyst and fan has checked in with their varied opinions on Tiger.  I am surprised that this story continues to sink even lower into the muck and scum that it has dwelled in for months.  Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more sordid, it does.

The latest is that one of Tiger’s women has said she was pregnant with Tiger’s child on two different occasions. Joslyn James, a porn star and alleged mistress of Tiger for three years said one pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and the other in an abortion and she never told Woods of either.  Her stepmother has countered the story by calling her a compulsive liar and a bad mom.  That’s probably the most accurate statement I’ve heard about this episode in months.

What kind of porn actress lets herself get pregnant, twice? Wouldn’t that cut into her ability to earn a living? I would think that not getting pregnant would be high on a porn star’s “to-do list” right behind getting unwieldy breast implants.  So James is either a bad porn star, a liar or got pregnant on purpose, maybe to get a little cash from Tiger, maybe?  Maybe she’s all three but this episode just illustrates how distasteful and revolting this entire mess is.

Not to be outdone, Tiger’s first alleged mistress, Rachel Uchetil has landed a job on “Extra” a Hollywood type magazine show.  Talk about parlaying infamy into a paycheck.  These women know how to make a buck off their fifteen minutes of fame.  It’s time they all just went away, far away.  I bet Tiger feels the same way.


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