Tiger Woods Uses the Media Again

by Jeff Skinner

At least Tiger Woods and his manipulation management team are staying true to form.  In calling the press conference meeting, speech, announcement (whatever you call it) Team Tiger once again exhibits those qualities that feed the Tiger Hating Machine.

For years Tiger has had little use for the media and always had special rules for dealing with them.  Most players spend plenty of time with the media after their round but Woods never does.  When he is in the media tent there are only a few selected reporters that get the privilege of asking a question.  In short, Tiger uses the media when he wants to and Friday will be no different.

I don’t have any great expectations about the content of Tiger’s statement on Friday.  He’ll say what he and his team thinks he needs to say to make his next step easier.  Whether it is coming back to play golf or take a year off to mend his marriage (like that would ever happen), the next step is already planned.  Team Tiger won’t make another mistake like letting Tiger screw up again.  They’ll be sure he doesn’t get caught again.  His downfall has cost them all too much: too much money, too much power and too much downtime from building that all-powerful Tiger image.

That is what it is all about with Team Tiger.  It’s certainly not about helping Tiger.  It’s not about making him the type of person that they packaged and sold to the world.  It’s about enabling a dysfunctional person.  It’s about signing those big dollar contracts.  It’s about not biting the hand that feeds them.

If it was about anything else other than those self serving motives then somewhere along the line somebody would have tried to stop Tiger from living the lifestyle that finally brought him down.  It’s impossible to believe that Team Tiger wasn’t aware of what was going on.

So Tiger will make his statement on Friday and in his mind he may think that will be the end of it. He’ll be convinced by his team that is doing the right thing and that all the media and the public are wrong for wanting anything from him.  And then he’ll be Tiger Woods all over again.


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