Tiger Woods Starts His Comeback

by Jeff Skinner

I have never seen so much raw emotion from a golfer.  Watching him on The Golf Channel yesterday was a moving experience.  No I’m not talking about Tiger Woods; I’m talking about Charlie Rymer.  Rymer got so choked up offering his analysis of Tiger he couldn’t talk.  I like Rymer, he’s always insightful and funny and after yesterdays near sob fest I like him more.  He showed that he’s human; much like Tiger showed during his speech, he is human also.

Tiger is indeed human a flawed human for sure, but still human.  I can understand Rymer’s compassion for Tiger easier then I can understand Tiger’s behavior.  How a man betrays the people he loves like that is beyond me.  But at least Tiger is trying to set things right.

Forget the planned environment that Tiger’s people cooked up and the absurd rules set forth by what must have been a hundred public relations and crisis management specialists.  Tiger hit all the right notes and at least it’s a start to regain his life.  Unfortunately we’ll all have to go through this again when he comes back to play only then he’ll have to answer questions.  Couldn’t he have opened these proceedings to the press, read his statement and answered questions for ten minutes?  After his statement, if he had spoken for one minute without the script and spoken from the heart he would have come off more sincere.  Then if he spent ten minutes answering questions he would have the biggest portion of his “public comeback” behind him.

Tiger and his speech writers came up with a fairly good piece but at times it sounded too calculated.

He’s right when he says his real apology to Elin will come over time.  That’s the truth.  Earning her trust will not be easy and it shouldn’t be.

Of course his people made sure he spoke about all the good he has done with his foundation so we all know what a great guy he is.

He certainly apologized often enough and to all the effected parties.

I heard a little “Rehab 101” in there with references to entitlement, boundaries and selfishness.

Tiger got a bit antagonistic when admonishing the tabloids for following his wife.  I can understand Tiger trying to protect his family from that.

I thought it ironic when he said’ “It’s up to me to start living a life of integrity” and “Character and decency are what really count.”  Sounds like The First tee slogan, Integrity, Character, Decency.

His reference to his Buddhist upbringing was odd.  Buddhism asks you to lead a moral life, be mindful and aware of thoughts and actions and to develop wisdom and understanding.  Strike three on all counts Tiger.  Its teaching also says that wealth does not guarantee happiness.  He’ll have to go a long way to get back to his Buddhist roots.  How many Buddhists have a billion dollars in the bank and a 155 foot yacht?

Overall, Tiger said what needed to be said for him to try and set this episode behind him.  If he is truthful and sincere about earning back his family’s respect than that is certainly his most important and difficult task.

If he wants to change his on course demeanor like he said I have a suggestions.  Look people in the eye and recognize they are there.   Spend a few minutes in the press tent talking with the press, not at them. Follow the same media rules all the other players do.  Lose the swat team of security that insulates you from your fans and finally, try signing an autograph or two with a smile and maybe you’ll find a smile or two coming back at you.


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