Chris Smith’s Comback, Moore, Player & Yogi

From the Mags…

We certainly do not want for good stories in the magazines this month, be they virtual or print magazines.

Forget the “John Daly Comeback” it’s the “Chris Smith Comeback” we all should be following. The forty year old Smith returned to play after losing his wife in a car accident last year.  He has spent the last eight months healing and being a full time dad.  His return to the tour was met with heartfelt emotion by his fellow players, not scripted drama like Daly’s made for TV reality show.

Baseball hall of famer, Yogi Berra answers a few questions in Golf Digest.  Berra won ten World Series Championships and his first contract paid him $5,000.  I think the CSI guys in Florida found five grand in change on the floor of Tiger’s SUV.

Golf’s version of Yogi Berra, a guy that answers every question and has been around forever is Gary Player.  The Golf Hall of Famer gives Global Golf Post the gospel according to Player. He says Tiger is to blame for his own mess and speaks of the problems with the youth of the world: their parents feeding them junk. He has the cure for jetlag and he should know, he’s flown over 15 million miles.  He’s one of a kind.

Stephanie Wei has a good piece on her friend Ryan Moore on Golf.com.   Moore is as independent a spirit on tour that has come along in years.  He plays the game of life and golf the way he wants to.  “I want to be 100 percent me on the course,” he says. “I want to be confident and comfortable, and I don’t want to be misleading the public, companies or sponsors. It had everything to do with being 100 percent confident in the clubs I had in my bag, comfortable with the clothing I was wearing. I simply wanted to be me.” Moore walks to his own drummer and the beat seems to be a winning one.


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