More Tiger Texts…But Who Cares?

by Jeff Skinner

Just when we all thought the Tiger Woods scandal couldn’t sink any lower, one of Tiger’s mistresses, who can remember what number, Joslyn James proves there is no floor to this bottomless pit of sleaze.  At least for the last few weeks the sleaze front had subsided and we were left with the “when will Tiger comeback” speculation.  So as Tiger makes headlines with his “I’ll be back at The Masters” statement one of his seedy, ex-girlfriends let loose with the one of the most graphic missives yet: text messages from Tiger to James.

These texts are pretty damning and if they are legit it can’t help Tiger’s healing process with his wife and the fans.  (Link to DeadSpin and texts, be warned, very graphic.) But, really Ms. James, this is old news.  We all know Tiger is a skank chasing sleaze and you were one he happened to catch.  You missed your window of opportunity.  You and your lawyer, Gloria Allred misplayed this one.  Who cares about these texts?  Sure, the shock value will get you another 15 minutes of fame, maybe 5 minutes is more like it, but this is old news.  Ms. James should have struck while the iron was hot and got her checks from TMZ and the tabloids then.  This just seems like a pathetic attempt to get herself back in the news again.

Ms. James’s story is the same as the other dozen bimbos that Tiger had been bedding. “She loved Tiger and he said he loved me.”  Get over it Ms. James, he was using you for the sex and that was all it was.  If you were foolish enough to convince yourself that you had a long term future with Tiger you really need mental help.

How do educated people still continue to associate with these sleazeballs?  I have a tough time discerning who is the lower of the bottom feeders… these skanks or the lawyers that represent them.  But, that’s a rant for another day.

The bottom line here is that these sordid details are old news and no one really cares.  We’ve moved on to the “Tiger Returns Phase.”  It starts in a next month at The Masters.



  1. Apparently everyone cares such as I because everyone read them and found the story to be shocking yet interesting

    The story may be old but it still gets massive hits and interest

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