Whodunit? North Shore Country Club

by Jeff Skinner

Here’s an interesting story about golf that has rumor, suspense and mystery…and it doesn’t include Tiger or any of his problems.  It seems a guy, a very wealthy guy, finally got to buy his favorite golf course.   But soon after the purchase, rumors started questioning the actual designer of the course.  For years the club was billed as an A.W. Tillinghast design and that is what the new owner thought he had purchased.

What appealed to Mr. Zucker most about the club: North Shore’s course was designed by A.W. Tillinghast, whose other famous creations nearby include Bethpage Black, Winged Foot and Baltusrol, all of which have hosted U.S. Opens. “I can’t believe I actually own this,” Mr. Zucker said as we toured the course here last week.

But within two weeks of the purchase, he began hearing rumors that maybe Mr. Tillinghast had not been the architect after all. “In the beginning, I paid no attention because I didn’t believe it. We asked some of the oldest members, and they all said, ‘It’s a Tillinghast course, of course it’s a Tillinghast course,’ he said.”

John Paul Newport spent some time with the owner, Donald Zucker and sheds light on who was really responsible for The North Shore Country Club.  Take a minute and read his piece in The Wall St. Journal. When you spend $12.5 million for something you expect to get what you pay for.  Let the buyer beware.


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