Ogilvy’s Extra Trip Pays Off

by Jeff Skinner

So you think life as a golf professional is easy. So you think these millionaires in spikes have it all figured out.  So you think these men of the world have everything planned out for them.  Well, think again.  Sometimes even these guys are knuckleheads.

Such is the case of former U.S Open Champion Geoff Ogilvy.  Ogilvy is no knucklehead on the course.  He has seven PGA Tour wins including three World Golf Championship titles and finished thirteenth on the money list last year with over $3.8 million in earnings.  But on Friday he pulled a bonehead move at The Transitions Championship.  Thinking he had no chance to make the cut he planned to board a plane to head home to Phoenix.  As he was having a few pops at the airport he realized he made the cut and needed to stay in Tampa.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t get his clubs of the plane so he elected to fly to Phoenix with his clubs and then fly back to Tampa.

Some guys might have stayed and played with a borrowed set .  Other guys might have said the heck with it and decided to go home anyway.  Ogilvy didn’t do either.  He never thought about not going back, regardless of what it took to get him and his clubs back.

What it took was a private plane from Phoenix to Tampa that got him in town about 5:00am for an 8:50am tee time, and a trip to the airport by his wife.  She had to bring him a pair of golf shoes.  See, Ogilvy had shipped his shoes and balls home by UPS, they weren’t on the plane.  He must have wanted to save on the extra charges the airlines charge. Are you kidding me?  $4 mil last year and you are saving fifty bucks by shipping them home!  What a knucklehead, or as Charlie Rymer of The Golf Channel called him, a Bonehead.

It looks like Ogilvy made a good decision by coming back.  He shot a 65 and climbed 51 places up the leaderboard into a tie for eighteenth place and a chance at some serious money.  Maybe next time he’ll fork over a few extra bucks to the airlines and takes his shoes with him.


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