Tiger’s First Mistress: Nike

by Jeff Skinner

Here’s another sign that Tiger Woods is ready to come back to his old golf routine.  TMZ is reporting that Woods was seen filming a new commercial for Nike.  It’s been full speed ahead for Team Woods since he announced he will play at The Masters.  He shot off duel “exclusive” interviews with The Golf Channel and ESPN and announced he will hold a special “Tiger Conference” on Monday of The Masters.  It looks like he and his guys have formulated a plan of attack and the five minute interviews were the start of his grand plan.

A new ad for Nike, a few practice rounds at Augusta, Hank Haney with him on the range at Isleworth must make it feel like the old days for Woods. But something is still missing in Tiger’s life; his family.  Reports have Elin and the kids spending time away from Tiger as Elin has spent the last few days out of the house and on their yacht.  Since those graphic text messages from Joslyn James were released Elin and the kids haven’t been around Tiger too much.

It may be that Elin has finally had enough and realizes that Tiger might not be able to change his stripes enough for her liking.  As odd as it sounds, if Tiger and Elin were to separate it would allow Woods to play more golf.  If they are “working at it” as Tiger said they are, his return to the game would be limited because of the time and commitment needed to rebuild their marriage.

Only Elin and Tiger know how deep their commitment to stay married is.  It won’t be easy to reconcile a bond so horribly broken.  From the looks of things now, with Elin on the yacht and Tiger back to his “golfing” routine, they have a long way to go.


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