Tiger Woods Talks the Talk

by Jeff Skinner

Tiger Woods gave his most telling and open answers since this scandal has derailed his seemingly unstoppable career.  At Augusta National, Woods offered up more information and facts surrounding the past four months than most would have guessed.  Woods came off as more human and sincere than he has before.  Whether it is an act, or he is truly committed to change his ways will only be proved in the weeks and months to come.  Woods doesn’t deserve much from the fans and the media other than time.  Give him the time to see if he is actually changing his life and prove this is more than just lip service.

Some surprising facts and attitudes emerged from the 34 minute press conference.

  • He apologized to his fellow players for the distraction he created and all they had to endure the past months.
  • He said he sustained a “busted lip and five stitches and a sore neck” in the accident.
  • The most difficult thing during this time was “looking at myself” and “the harassment of my family by the media.”
  • Woods says he will display more respect for the game and not get as hot on the course and acknowledge the fans to show his appreciation for them.
  • Performance enhancing drugs was the most asked subject and Woods denied ever taking them.  He did admit to taking many blood spinning treatments.  He said his agent has been contacted by authorities and they will fully cooperate with the investigation.
  • He said he had a partially torn Achilles tendon and took blood spinning treatment for that in addition to the knee rehab.
  • He acknowledged that he expected the golf media, many of which he called “friends” to be critical of him.
  • He still would not disclose what specific type of therapy he is in.  “It’s personal” was his curt response.
  • When asked about his support from his wife and if he was returning too early to golf he only said he got support from his family.  It was one of the questions Woods didn’t really answer and moved on quickly.
  • Woods appeared to get emotional when he pressed on how he could live such a double life.  “I acted terribly and fooled myself.”
  • He talked about his perspective in life. “It isn’t about the championships…it’s about the way you live your life…I need to be a better man.”
  • He said golf and winning wasn’t fun the last few years.  “Living a life when your lying is not fun.”
  • He admitted to being extremely hurt emotionally when he was forced to miss his sons first birthday while he was in rehab.  He vowed never to miss another.

Overall, Woods appeared to be more honest and open than ever before.  He won winning marks from all the commentators and reporters that covered the press conference.  He only played hardball with a few of the questions and offered more new and revealing facts about his life than most expected.  It was clear from the exchange about his wife that there is still much to be repaired there.  His constant refusal to say “sex addiction rehab” may be attributed to fact that he doesn’t wish to further alienate sponsors.  He looked to be a more humbled and contrite Tiger than we have ever seen before.  He has talked the talk.  Now we will see if he can walk the walk.  One thing hasn’t changed about Tiger.  When he was asked what his expectations for the week were he responded in classic Woods form: “to try and win this thing.”

Link to a replay of the press conference.

Link to the press conference transcript.


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  1. To me it seems like Tiger can talk the talk, but keeping clean is going to be tough. Although he would be an idiot to think the next girl he sleeps with won’t rat him out.
    John Tank
    Ogio Stand Bag

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